Ticketmaster Customer Files Complaint for 62% Service Fees on Guns N’ Roses Tickets
Remember when Live Nation’s own CEO admitted (in emails never intended to be made public, that is) that in some cases, the fees that Ticketmaster charges are “not defendable”? This is one of those cases. Back in January when tickets went on sale for this summer’s leg of the... Read more
TKTS Customer Files Consumer Complaint Over a Dime
When was the last time that less than a dollar’s worth of incorrect change mishandled during a customer service transaction prompted you to file a complaint with your state’s Attorney General? Oh, never? We didn’t think so, either. TicketNews has been sharing a lot of event ticket-related complaints filed... Read more
Viagogo Tops NSW Fair Trading Complaint Register For Second Month
The Australian-based ticket resale site Viagogo has been making headlines lately in the worst way, first receiving an Australia’s worst product award and then facing Federal Court for misleading customers and paying questionably low taxes. Now, The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Viagogo had the highest number of complaints... Read more
Consumer Complaint Claims Unfair Telecharge Transaction for The Great Comet
Imagine paying close to $300 for a center stage ticket to Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 on Broadway, showing up to the theater only to be seated behind a wall in the back, and realizing the person in the seat you purchased paid over $100 less?... Read more
Ticketmaster “Verified” Tickets Anything But; Better Know a Board Member
It turns out, one CAN get Ticketmaster to crack open its wallet and issue a refund after a bad customer service experience. You just have to know a few board members personally is all. Paula Liang works in the world of charitable giving in Florida, and as part of... Read more