The Dallas Cowboys new stadium broke ground in late 2005, and is slated to open for the 2009 NFL season. The stadium boasts a seating capacity of about 80,000 with room to expand the capacity to 100,000. While the classic hole in the roof, which was made famous at the old Texas Stadium, will still be featured in the new stadium, it will now have a retractable roof as well. One of the most prominent new features will be an 11,000 square foot high-definition television that will sit above the field.

The stadium will play host to other sporting events in coming years including the Super Bowl in 2011, the NCAA Men’s Final Four in 2014 and the NBA All-Star Game in 2010.

While the anticipation of the opening of the state-of-art stadium has not been lost on fans, season ticket holders have been less than happy. The team has implemented a personal seat license policy for its season ticket holders that will range as high as $100,000 per seat just for the right to buy season tickets.