Born in New York in 1967, Dar Williams is a pop folk singer-songwriter who became known in the 90’s. Her song lyrics cover themes such as religion, adolescence, gender issues, anti-commercialism, loss, humor, ageism, and self-loathing. “The Honesty Room”, Dar’s first full album, was released in 1993 and was soon taken over by Waterbug Records. She then moved to the label Razor & Tie in 1995 and released her second album “Mortal City” in 1996. Other albums include “End of The Summer” (1997), “Cry Cry Cry” (1998), “The Green World” (2000), “The Beauty of the Rain” (2003), and “My Better Self” (2005), each with their own set of deeply thought out, authentic lyrics.

Dar’s most recent work covers themes having to do more with a mature woman evaluating her life, rather than a young woman getting a grip of her upbringing, such as her album “Promised Land” that she released in 2008. She has supported various causes, playing in many benefit concerts as well as being the founder of Snowden Environmental Trust.