Ticketmaster Customer Files Complaint for 62% Service Fees on Guns N’ Roses Tickets
Remember when Live Nation’s own CEO admitted (in emails never intended to be made public, that is) that in some cases, the fees that Ticketmaster charges are “not defendable”? This is one of those cases. Back in January when tickets went on sale for this summer’s leg of the... Read more
Live Nation’s Rapino Admits Ticket Fees “Not Defendable”
In news that will come as little shock to fans who have ever bought an event ticket in the Live Nation/Ticketmaster-dominated United States market, much of their fees are not defendable. What is surprising is that Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino admitted that fact in emails that have come... Read more
Customer Claims TDF Takes Advantage of Senior Citizen Members
An anonymous member of the not-for-profit organization Theatre Development Fund filed a complaint with the New York State Attorney General, claiming they were taken advantage of, along with other senior citizens who join the paid membership group. The customer was charged “handling fees” for tickets they never received, to... Read more