Columbus Ticket Taxes Begin This Week Following Strong Opposition
Columbus eventgoers will see a raise in ticket prices this week, as the long-awaited 5 percent ticket taxes has been implemented. The ticket taxes, which were first proposed last November, will affect Columbus’ “arts, culture, entertainment, and professional sports events.” However, the fee does not apply to tickets that... Read more
Columbus City Council Proposes New Ticket Tax For The Arts
Columbus leaders have downsized a proposed ticket tax in the city to protect the arts from 7 to 5 percent, but critics argue the tax will hurt the city’s future events. The Greater Columbus Arts Council originally proposed a ticket tax with a 7 percent surcharge, and with that... Read more
Ticket Tax to Benefit Emergency Personnel Pushed by Michigan State Sen.
A State Sen. in Michigan is pushing for an event ticket tax that would reportedly be used to fund police, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel in the city of Detroit, according to a story on Sen. Coleman Young II, who represents the city, introduced the proposed law, called... Read more