Ticketmaster UK Admits Data Breach From Third-Party Supplier
Ticketmaster has admitted that the company suffered a security breach this past weekend from a third-party supplier. The Ticketmaster data breach reportedly included personal and payment information for 40,000 users in the United Kingdom. The company confirmed on Twitter that malicious software caused the hack on the third-party support product... Read more
Ticketfly Back Up Following Lengthy “Cyber Incident” Outage
Ticketfly.com is back up and appears to be fully operational, coming up over the weekend after spending over a week in the throes of what it refered to as a “Cyber Incident.” The incident was a hack of its systems that has been reported as effecting some 27 million... Read more
User Data of Millions Exposed in Ticketfly Hack; Investigation Continues
Systems are beginning to come back online for Eventbrite-owned Ticketfly after a “cyber incident” that reportedly may impact up to 26 million user accounts and caused major headaches for venues and consumers since it kicked off last week. Ticketfly.com is still down, as are large numbers of venue websites... Read more
Ticketfly Hack: Website Still Down; Customer Data Exposed in Breach
As the Ticketfly hack – or “cyber incident” per their website – enters its second day, the company has confirmed that the incident “has resulted in the compromise of some client and customer information,” according to an update posted by the company at a support website. Ticketfly.com remains down... Read more
Ticketfly Takes All Systems Offline Following Cyber Attack
Ticketfly has been the victim of a cyber attack on its systems, pulling its entire network offline to protect the integrity of their data earlier this morning. Visitors to Ticketfly.com are greeted with a blank page, carrying only text at the top of the screen that reads “All Ticketfly... Read more
Judge Ruling Means Pemberton Fans Likely Won’t Be Reimbursed
Vancouver judge Paul J. Pearlman ruled against a request by Ticketfly to recover millions of dollars from the trustee overseeing Pemberton Music Festival’s bankruptcy, making it very unlikely that fans will ever receive refunds for their ticket purchases, according to Dave Brooks at Amplify Magazine. Pemberton was one of... Read more
Pandora Sells Ticketfly to Eventbrite for $200 Million
Just two years after purchasing Ticketfly, one of the main ticketing alternatives to Ticketmaster, Pandora has sold the business to Eventbrite for $200 million, $250 million less than it paid for the company, according to an article on Techcrunch. Eventbrite, which acquired Ticketscript in Europe earlier this year, hopes to... Read more