TicketLiquidator.com launched their new Consumer Exchange Wednesday morning. Touting advanced security measures, an improved user interface and a lower seller’s fee, TicketLiquidator now offers an alternative to comparable rival services from StubHub and eBay.

In the past, TicketLiquidator has offered customers access to an inventory of 2.2 million tickets to 52,000 events. This inventory consisted almost exclusively of tickets supplied by reputable ticket brokers. Now, individual ticket owners will have the opportunity to post their own tickets along with the brokers’. This is not a foreign idea in the ticket resale market, but the manner in which they’re doing it is fresh and innovative.

Let’s say you have four tickets to the Green Bay Packers/Chicago Bears game on Sunday, Dec. 31st. Unfortunately, your mother-in-law has decided to extend her holiday visit, putting the kibosh on your pig skin plans. You momentarily consider a month of sleeping on the couch before you wise up and realize selling the tickets is your only recourse. What are your options? Currently eBay, Stub Hub and now TicketLiquidator are your primary choices.

Stubhub does not have insertion fees, but their price to sell tickets is quite high. When you sell your tickets through StubHub you pay 15% of your listing price. If you were to sell your 4 Bears tickets for $200 a piece you would take home $680 and Stub Hub would get $120.

TicketLiquidator’s new consumer exchange appears to overcome the hurdles of both existing products. TicketLiquidator does not charge an insertion fee and only charges the seller 10% of the final price. Those same 4 Bears tickets would put $720 in your pocket with only $80 in seller’s fees.

In addition to reduced fees, TicketLiquidator offers strong anti-fraud measures. All sellers on TicketLiquidator’s consumer exchange must have a verified phone number, email address and credit card information. In addition to these three checks, they require that all sellers have a PayPal account. New sellers must send their tickets to TicketLiquidator for verification before TicketLiquidator forwards those tickets to the buyer. TicketLiquidator even takes it one step further and in the unlikely event that all of these security features don’t result in a successful transaction, TicketLiquidator reserves the right to purchase comparable tickets for the buyer at the seller’s expense. Unfortunately, TicketLiquidator offers no assistance in making your mother-in-law’s visit a more pleasant one.

TicketLiquidator has made navigating through the process of listing and selling tickets much easier with a user friendly interface and web based tools. Once you’ve set up your account it’s quite easy to post your tickets and manage your incoming orders. TicketLiquidator’s emphasis on making a user-friendly interface is prevalent in every aspect of their product. Clear explanations are attached to every option and a Help button is always a click away. When unpleasant circumstances force you to sell your tickets, TicketLiquidator provides pleasant solutions. Check it out at SellItOnTL.com.

Last Updated on July 25, 2017