BOSTON GLOBE — Ticketmaster suits: Resellers used device to skirt security. Firm alleges 4 in state made illegal purchases.

A series of lawsuits filed by Ticketmaster LLC is shedding light on one of the biggest mysteries surrounding ticket resellers: Where do they get their tickets?

According to the lawsuits, the resellers buy tickets straight from Ticketmaster using sophisticated software that lets them bypass security measures and make rapid-fire purchases using multiple credit cards and e-mail addresses….

A suit filed in US District Court in Los Angeles accuses four Massachusetts residents of illegally buying more than 45,000 tickets on since early 2003 and then reselling them at a profit.

Similar suits have been filed against resellers in Illinois and Texas and officials with RMG Technologies Inc. of Steubenville, Ohio. RMG allegedly orchestrated the ticket purchases using automated devices that allowed users to sidestep Ticketmaster security measures and ticket purchase limits, according to the lawsuit.

Since 2003, according to the lawsuits, resellers in the three states bought nearly 120,000 tickets through Ticketmaster and then resold them. Ticketmaster said other unnamed individuals may have purchased large quantities of tickets in the same way. (Full Story)