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TicketNews announces its exclusive weekly Top 10s and analysis for the week of 6/11/07 – 6/17/07.


Event This Week Last Week Wicked 1 1 Boston Red Sox 2 2 New York Yankees 3 4 Jersey Boys 4 5 The Police 5 3 Chicago Cubs 6 8 US Open Tennis 7 n/a Kenny Chesney 8 7 Dave Matthews Band 9 n/a CONCACAF Gold Cup: Cuba 10 n/a

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The Fourth of July is still weeks away, yet sports fans are already planning their Labor Day weekend. The US Open debuts in the number seven spot on the Top Overall Events chart and the number four spot on the Top Sports chart after individual session tickets to the event went on sale Monday . . .

Dave Matthews Band returns to the chart in the number nine spot.

Cuba snatches the number ten spot away from Honduras to advance onto the Top Overall Events chart, but fails to advance to the quarterfinals in the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Honduras isn’t able to best Cuba for long, however. The team was eliminated in the quarterfinals, leaving the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Guadeloupe to compete in the semifinals.


Event This Week Last Week Boston Red Sox 1 1 New York Yankees 2 2 Chicago Cubs 3 4 US Open Tennis 4 n/a CONCACAF Gold Cup: Cuba 5 n/a NBA Finals: Cleveland Cavaliers 6 3 St. Louis Cardinals 7 8 Detroit Tigers 8 10 Philadelphia Eagles 9 n/a Philadelphia Phillies 10 n/a

Ghosts of Top Sports Past: Cuba’s run for the CONCACAF Gold Cup is over the same week the team debuts in the number five spot. The Cleveland Cavaliers hold onto a position in the rankings right to the end. Unfortunately, not only do they slip three places on the chart, from three to six, but then the San Antonio Spurs sweep the Finals in four games.

Ghosts of Top Sports Present: The mantra of the moment is “Take me out to the ballgame.” Sports fans interested in immediate gratification help to fuel sales for the Boston Red Sox (number one), New York Yankees (number two), Chicago Cubs (number three), St. Louis Cardinals (number seven), Detroit Tigers (number eight) and Philadelphia Phillies (number ten).

Ghosts of Top Sports Future: The US Open takes number four on the chart although the event doesn’t begin until August 27. Similarly, the Philadelphia Eagles debut at number nine nearly two months before even the preseason begins.


Event This Week Last Week Wicked 1 1 Jersey Boys 2 2 Lion King 3 5 Monty Python’s Spamalot 4 4 Mary Poppins 5 3 Spring Awakening 6 n/a Phantom of the Opera 7 8 Grease 8 6 Legally Blonde 9 9 The Color Purple 10 7

Winning eight Tonys, one of which was for Best Musical, has made all the difference in Spring Awakening sales. The show debuts at number six on the Top Theatre chart and number five in the Top New York City Theatre rankings.


Event This Week Last Week Wicked 1 1 Jersey Boys 2 2 Mary Poppins 3 3 Lion King 4 5 Spring Awakening 5 n/a Monty Python’s Spamalot 6 8 Grease 7 4 Legally Blonde 8 6 Phantom of the Opera 9 7 Radio City Christmas Spectacular 10 n/a

Radio City Christmas Spectacular debuts at number ten this week, just a few days before the official start of summer.


Event This Week Last Week The Police 1 1 Kenny Chesney 2 2 Dave Matthews Band 3 5 Toby Keith 4 n/a Rush 5 n/a Bon Jovi 6 n/a Soul2Soul: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill 7 9 Michael Bublé 8 3 Jimmy Buffett 9 4 Ozzfest 10 n/a

Fresh events, established artists: Nearly half of the Top Concerts Events turn over this week, but the newcomers are no strangers to rankings charts.

Toby Keith takes the number four spot due to a spike in sales after tickets to several upcoming shows were made available to the public over the weekend.

Rush’s anticipated appearance at Madison Square Garden draws enough attention to launch them back to the number five spot.

Sales for Bon Jovi’s series of concerts in their home state of New Jersey are already exploding. They debut on the chart at number six, and signs suggest they’re on their way up. The band added five more Newark shows to the five that were originally scheduled. Their new album “Lost Highway,” which is released today, adds to the hype.


Event This Week Last Week Céline Dion: A New Day 1 1 Cirque Du Soleil: “O” 2 2 Cirque Du Soleil: The Beatles: LOVE 3 3 Elton John: The Red Piano 4 9 Monty Python’s Spamalot 5 4 Blue Man Group 6 7 Bette Midler 7 5 Fab Four 8 6 Cirque Du Soleil: KÀ 9 n/a Mamma Mia! 10 n/a

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