(PRESS RELEASE) — Eventbee Inc., the online event management software company trusted by thousands of event managers and attendees, announced today the general availability of Eventbee 2.0. The new release introduces innovative concepts like Network Ticket Selling, and Network Event Listing built on top of Web 2.0 technologies to the events industry.

Network Ticket Selling combined with Network Event Listing allows Event Managers to create Viral Marketing effect, Distributed Ticket Selling phenomenon, resulting in maximum ticket sales with minimal efforts.

Network Ticket Selling: This feature allows Event Managers to sell tickets from third party Websites (or Blogs) that are part of Eventbee Partner Network.

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Event Managers list events at http://www.eventbee.com, and enable Network Ticket Selling by setting commission for each ticket sale. Events are automatically displayed across Eventbee Partner Network – Websites, giving them instant exposure across wider audience, allowing visitors of the Websites to purchase tickets right from the Website (or Blog) they trust and visit on regular basis.

By simply listing and enabling Network Ticket Selling at Eventbee, Event Managers tap “Network” effect to drive more ticket sales, and reward commission to third party Websites for the ticket sales they generate.

Network Event Listing: Using this feature, now Webmaster (or Bloggers) can monetize traffic by enabling premium Event Listing on their site with zero investment.

Webmasters join Eventbee Partner Network, enable Network Event Listing on their site by setting own listing price (based on duration of the listing and popularity of the website). Event Managers who wish to reach Partner websites, pay the listing fee and enter the event information to appear as a premium event on Partner websites.

By simply enabling Network Event Listing on their site, webmasters tap new revenue stream that was not there before, and allow Event Managers to reach website visitor community in a seamless fashion.

About Eventbee
Eventbee Inc., provides state-of-the-art web based event management and event promotion tools to the Events Industry. Since 2003, over 6000 Event Managers sell tickets using Eventbee Platform. Eventbee operates with single mission of maximizing ticket sales while providing easy to use web based software to the Events Industry.

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