The Pittsburgh Penguins, the once struggling franchise that has seen new life, said they are approaching a team record for season ticket sales.

The team put out a statement Thursday saying it is approaching the 13,500 mark for sales of season ticket packages that combined, represent season ticket orders for all 43 home games, including two preseason games.

Fed by interest in a new arena and a roster of talented younger players, the Penguins have eclipsed a previous record of 12,350 full-season ticket packages that was set during their Stanley Cup Championship days back in 1992-1993. . .
Because of the record sales, the team said it is cutting off full and half-season sales and establishing a waiting list for season tickets. Fans who wish to be on the waiting list will be required to lay down a $200 deposit, the team said.

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The team said it will still offer six- and 12-game packages beginning Aug. 9 and plans on opening up individual game sales on Sept. 15.