By Seth D. Olson

Kelly Clarkson can sing, there’s no doubt about that. She is a Grammy Award winning vocalist and is remembered as one of the best female singers to have ever appeared on American Idol.

Unfortunately for Clarkson, singing talent is only a small part of the music industry equation. She has recently shown some rebellious nature in her business decisions and many wonder if she has committed career suicide.

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Since the release of “December,” Clarkson has fired her manager and canceled a scheduled summer because of poor ticket sales. “She’s now undermined the pop persona Davis and his team carefully crafted. She may never get it back,” writes “Fox 411” entertainment reporter Roger Friedman. . .

The lack of hits from her new album so far is in harsh contrast to the four No. 1 singles from her multiplatinum selling 2005 album “Breakaway,” which earned the songbird from Burleson,Texas, Grammys for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album.

ABC News reported that Clarksons previous CD “Breakaway” was composed by a veritable chorus of producers and songwriters assembled by music business auteur Clive Davis. The highly regarded boss of BMG/RCA (formerly of ARISTA) has shaped the hits and careers of many pop stars, including Aretha Franklin, Barry Manilow, Whitney Houston and Carlos Santana.

Maureen Crowe, who worked with Davis as music supervisor on the movie “The Body Guard” said “Clive Davis is the last of the song guys who has had hit after hit after hit. That doesn’t happen by accident.

When it came time to start work on the new album, Clarkson didn’t just want to make it better. She wanted to make it hers. She fought off all efforts to deter her — even after Davis predicted none of the tracks, as written and produced, would be a hit.

Despite the controversy surrounding My December, the album debuted at #2 in the U.S. with 291,000 albums sold. This is a slightly higher debut than Clarkson’s previous album, Breakaway, which debuted at #3. My December has been certified Gold in Australia, indicating that 35,000 copies have been shipped. Each song on “My December” was co-written by Clarkson, and the album takes on a more brooding tone than in the past.

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Clarkson has also stated that her next album may have country influences, along with blues and rock.

On July 7, 2007, Clarkson performed on the American leg of Live Earth. Her five-set performance list included: “Walk Away”, “How I Feel”, “Never Again”, “Sober”, and “Since U Been Gone”.

In a July edition of USA Weekend Magazine, Clarkson reported that she tried a marijuana cookie while in Amsterdam. “It is legal there,” she said, saying that she’s never done “anything illegal here [in the U.S.]”.

“I have never smoked anything in my life. I’ve never tried any drugs. I wouldn’t do anything that would cause holes in your brain or your nasal cavity. Call me Texan, but I don’t think of marijuana like that.”

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