The Washington Redskins yesterday apologized for sending an erroneous e-mail offering partial season ticket plans for club seats at FedEx Field.

The team said it has not changed its policy of selling tickets on a full season or multiyear basis. Only 300 premium seats remain for sale, the team said.


An e-mail advertising the sale of partial plans was sent Thursday afternoon to many fans on the Redskins’ season ticket waiting list, including some members of the media. According to the team, the e-mail was intended as an internal message to a marketing partner and did not include a valid offer. . .

Based on the e-mail, The Washington Times reported that partial plans were on sale, and obtained prices for the plans by calling the Redskins ticket office. An attempt to contact Redskins spokesman Karl Swanson on Thursday was unsuccessful, but Swanson said yesterday he was unable to return the call because he was traveling.

“The e-mail went out by mistake,” Mitch Gershman, the team”s chief operating officer, said in a press release. “One of our broadcast advertising partners was suggesting a potential program, leading to some internal confusion. We retract the e-mail in its entirety. Seats at the stadium are sold only on a full-season and multiyear contractual basis.

“I apologize for the error and any confusion or inconvenience it caused,” Gershman said. “There are just over 300 premium seats available for the upcoming season. The other 20,000 are all under long-term contracts.” (Full Story)

Last Updated on July 2, 2007