NFL Football News — Charger fever is bubbling over, with the crowds viewing practice sessions at the team’s Murphy Canyon Road complex getting larger as the days wind down before the 2007 season begins.

“It was pretty amazing here last Saturday,” said Jim Steeg, the team’s chief operating officer, about a practice in late July that drew 4,000 fans.

At the team’s FanFest held at Qualcomm Stadium on Aug. 4, 20,000 people showed up to get a glimpse and maybe an autograph of Chargers just working out. . .

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While the number of fans viewing practices signals greater interest in the team this season, when it comes to the real measure of fan support, there’s no substitute for the number of tickets sold. It’s off the charts.

Not only have the Chargers sold out every real game (tickets remain for two preseason games), there’s such a clamor for tickets, the team has established a waiting list that now contains a few hundred names.

Steeg said this is the second time the team has had a waiting list for season tickets, the first being in the late 1970s when quarterback Dan Fouts ran the vaunted Air Coryell offense, and the Chargers were racking up 30 to 40 points a game.

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