By Talmadge Harper – TicketNews Staff Writer

Ticketmaster’sTicketExchange will remain the exclusive secondary reseller for New York Giants tickets, after the team decided to extend its current contract with the primary ticketer, it announced today in a statement. Specific terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the Giants were happy with TicketExchange in part because the team believes it gives their fans a secure venue for resold tickets.

Jeff Hecker, general manager of Ticketmaster New York, told CNN that the Giants’ decision demonstrated “their dedication to providing their fans with the utmost in customer satisfaction.”

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“We look forward to working closely with the Giants to introduce Giants TicketExchange to season ticket and club seat holders, as well as to ensure that all Giants fans find it easy, convenient, and enjoyable to attend games at Giants Stadium,” Hecker said. . .
The Giants’ move follows similar decisions made by the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers, among others, as Ticketmaster continues to further burrow its way into the secondary market. The NFL does not have a league-wide secondary ticketing contract such as the one between StubHub! and Major League Baseball, so Ticketmaster, StubHub! and others strike their own deals with individual teams, such as the deal U.K-based Viagogo last week inked with the Cleveland Browns.

Fans seeking Giants tickets can go to, access the “Tickets” section and register to be on a waiting list where they will have the option to buy tickets. The team believes the registration process helps to close ticket access to the fans only. In turn, Giants’ season ticket holders can access the service and sell any tickets they may not be able to use. TicketExchange also provides ticket holders with the option of “forwarding” their tickets to anyone via their online account. The process is automated and the transactions take place on TicketMaster’s servers.

Each ticket purchased on the exchange has a unique barcode that identifies the buyer as being the sole proprietor of the tickets. In addition, TicketExchange offers fan’s an option to receive tickets online via Ticketmaster’s TicketFast solution, an electronic delivery system allowing fans to print out their own tickets.