(PR) E-Z Rent-A-Car has launched its Travel Center, a companion to its car rental reservation booking engine, for which E-Z Rent-A-Car fulfills the rental car reservations. The Travel Center includes a City Travel Guide, a hotel booking engine (including a 110% best rate guarantee), an attractions tickets booking engine and the ability to purchase sporting event and concert tickets.

The City Travel Guide includes overview information about the cities in which E-Z Rent-A-Car operates a car rental location. For instance, the City Travel Guide for Seattle, WA includes information about the city, its history and things to do. Also, links to local event calendars for Seattle, WA and radio stations are also provided. Each E-Z Rent-A-Car city boasts its own city travel guide. . .

The hotel booking engine displays results from over 30,000 hotels worldwide, not only at the cities in which E-Z Rent-A-Car operates a car rental location. In addition to providing direct booking capabilities to the major hotel chains, the hotel booking engine also provides access to Save Rate hotels, which boast a 110% Best Rate Guarantee.

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The attraction ticket booking engine helps to further plan and build your trip itinerary ahead of time without the worry of missing out on the popular attractions, shows and events. Not only can you book tickets and passes to attractions and theme parks, but also to dinner shows, tours and much more. In fact, you can also donate to The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero Program to offset your carbon footprint on your trip.

Finally, through a relationship with ticket broker StubHub, E-Z Rent-A-Car customers can purchase tickets for sporting events, concerts and more. Stubhub allows fans to buy and sell tickets, giving you access to sold-out shows and venues like never before.

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