MONTREAL — While most people took advantage of their position at Ste. Justine Hospital to enjoy a Celine Dion concert Saturday night, a few took advantage of the free tickets to make a few hundred dollars.

Dion, as well as other artists and a Cirque du Soleil troupe, performed at the Bell Centre for patients, volunteers and staff of Ste. Justine Hospital. Tickets were free for about 1,000 patients and their families, 4,500 staff and 500 doctors, Ste. Justine spokesperson Chantal Huot said. . .

But just days before the show, some tickets were being offered for as much as $200 a pair on popular online classified websites.

“I really think that’s just deplorable,” Huot said. “Some employees saw the ads and got in touch with management. They thought it was horrible.”

Still, Huot emphasized, it was only three or four employees who sought to make a profit and the show was otherwise an outstanding success. “Staff really appreciated that they were offered a free show with big names.”

She said the hospital’s human resources department might look into the case.

Finding the vendors shouldn’t be too difficult, since the online ads included seat numbers.