Live Nation Stock Up, Safari Users DownBy Alfred Branch, Jr.

Two days after suffering a six percent drop in its stock price, shares of the ticketing and entertainment company Live Nation roared back to life today closing at $19.46.

The rally marked a $2.06 jump in the price of its stock, or a nearly 12 percent increase over Tuesday’s market close. At close on Monday, the stock had dipped to $17.57, a drop of $1.14.

In other Live Nation news, if you’re a Mac or iPhone user running Safari as your browser, Live Nation has a message for you: Buh-Bye! . . .

According to the company’s Customer Service department, Apple’s signature web browser won’t work on the Live Nation site because of “the javascript engine” that Safari uses.

Mac users aren’t the only ones experiencing the problem; the Safari browser is now also available in a Windows version.

Live Nation says it’s working on a fix for the problem, but the timing is curious considering Apple’s reemergence as a technology and computer company, led by the runaway success of the iPod music player over the past few years. On Tuesday, Apple unveiled a slick update to its line of iMac computers and upgrades to it iWork and iLife software suites.

An inquiry into the situation with Safari yielded this response from Live Nation, “The Safari web browser is currently unable to operate our site. It will only produce a white page. This is generally due to the javascript engine that Safari employs. Please download another browser to access – we suggest Firefox. iPhone users won’t be able to access our site at this time. We hope to have a solution to this problem in the near future. Thank you for your interest in Live Nation and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.”

Last Updated on August 10, 2007

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