Boston Globe

If you’re a Red Sox season ticket-holder hoping to witness the team’s second World Series title in four years, brace yourself: It’s going to cost you.

One Sox season ticket-holder with seats in the loge boxes received his application for postseason tickets from the Red Sox in a letter dated Aug. 21. The bill for two tickets: $3,520. That’s for a possible 11 games — three in the Division Series, four in the League Championship Series, and four in the World Series. That’s presuming that the Sox have home-field advantage in the first two rounds; they would be assured of a fourth home game in the World Series because the American League won the All-Star Game.

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Ticket strips run from a low of $615 for bleachers to $4,450 for dugout box/on-deck seats. The letter also listed individual ticket prices for each round of the postseason. Division Series tickets span $25 for bleachers to $120 for field boxes. For the ALCS, bleachers will cost from $25 to $60, with field boxes $170. World Series tickets start at $75 for bleachers, to $250 for field boxes.

“It’s nuts,” said the 20-year season ticket-holder. “But you know what, if we don’t buy ’em, they’ll go on StubHub or Ace Tickets or something like that, and go for 10 times the price.” advertisement