Few franchises in all of professional sports can boast about a fan base quite like the Boston Red Sox can. Founded in 1901 as the Boston Americans, the Red Sox were known for 86 years as the team mired in the “Curse of the Bambino”, a curse that prevented them from capturing the World Series championship. The number of Red Sox fans grew as the years went on, and by 2004, a nation of fans were ready to celebrate. Now after winning two World Series, in 2004 and 2007, the Red Sox have become one of the biggest attractions in all of sports.

Tickets for the Red Sox have been consistently on the top of the Top Sports Events rankings on TicketNews and there are plenty of reasons why. First, they play at the most historic ball park in baseball, Fenway Park. The team is currently in a record-breaking sell-out streak that is nearing, and will soon surpass, the 500 game mark. In 2007, the Red Sox led all of baseball in road attendance as well. When the Red Sox come to town, some teams have increased ticket prices for those games. As the years go on, the Red Sox will continue to be one of the most popular teams in sports.