Milwaukee Brewers fans who signed up for the National League Division Series ticket lottery will soon find out if they’re among the winners, but be forewarned: it will be a long shot.

About 102,000 fans submitted applications for the right to purchase single-game tickets for the series – which will happen only if the Brewers stay hot and finish ahead of the Chicago Cubs.

The Brewers said that “on or around this Thursday,” a random selection of winners will be made from the pool of registrants.

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“There will be approximately 2,000 to 3,000 people selected from the lottery registrants, each of whom will be allowed to purchase up to four tickets to just one of the two NLDS games. It’s first come, first served, so if you log on too late to get game one, you will have to get game two (or vice versa),” Tyler Barnes, vice president of communications for the Brewers, told SBT.

In other words, about two or three out of every 100 fans who submitted applications would receive an opportunity to try to buy tickets, and when they are notified by e-mail by the Brewers, they best act quickly.

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