WEST HAVEN, Conn. –Steve Bonini and Matt Parkin were having a productive, lucky day of fishing off the West Haven shore, landing a 4-pound bluefish and other creatures.

Then they saw the balloons.

“At first we couldn’t figure out what it was,” Bonini said. “It was way out there, about a mile off. Basically, it was a spot on the horizon.”

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The two young men asked each other, “What IS that?”

“Then it started floating in,” Bonini continued. “And we said, ‘Oh, it’s balloons.'” . . .

“We watched them float in,” Parkin said. “Then we fished for another half-hour. After that I said, ‘Steve, let’s go get those balloons for my daughter.'”

Only then, when they read the message attached to the balloons, did the pair realize they had found a once-in-a-lifetime prize: free tickets to Yankee Stadium, to see the Yanks play the Boston Red Sox.

For two Yankee fans who have never been to Yankee Stadium, it was as if a cosmic piece of good luck had dropped from the sky. Full Story

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