By Alfred Branch, Jr.

Aerosmith is being sued by some disgruntled fans who are angered that the aging hard rockers cancelled a September concert in Maui.

The band had switched the dates for a planned concert in Chicago from Sept. 10 to Sept. 24, which left them unable to fly their equipment to Hawaii for the scheduled Sept. 26 show in Maui, according to published reports. However, the band played a private show Honolulu a few days later for Toyota and several thousand car dealers and executives, for which the band allegedly received $1 million.

Several fans with tickets to the Maui show were reportedly angered because they had booked trips and hotel rooms for the show. The dozen unnamed fans involved in the lawsuit are seeking damages of about $3 million, according to published reports.

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Neither the band’s agent, listed as Dan Weiner of Paradigm Talent & Literary Agency, nor the lawsuit’s attorney, Brandee Faria of the Hawaii law firm Perkin & Faria, returned messages seeking comment. Aerosmith apologized to fans through a press release.

Fan anger over concert problems has been a hot issue as of late, primarily due to the unrelated Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus ticketing situation.