Seven-year-old StubHub! is approaching its 10 millionth ticket sale, the company announced this week. To commemorate the upcoming milestone, StubHub! will reward both the buyer and seller of the 10 millionth ticket transaction with $5,000 StubHub! gift certificates each. These certificates can be used to purchase tickets to any of the tens of thousands of sports, concert, theater or exclusive entertainment events on the company’s website.

In November of 2006, StubHub! hit its five millionth ticket milestone with a sale of tickets for Game 2 of the 2006 Major League Baseball World Series in Detroit, Michigan, with both the buyer and seller receiving $5,000 gift certificates from the company. Less than one year later, StubHub! will soon double that landmark transaction illustrating the increased acceptance of the secondary market for tickets and the preference of StubHub! for both buyers and sellers. StubHub! is on such a rapid growth pace that it expects more tickets to transact through the site in 2007 than the combined previous seven years of StubHub’s existence.

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