By Alfred Branch, Jr.

As they say, to the victors go the spoils. The Boston Red Sox, coming off their second World Series win three years, have decided to raise most of their ticket prices at Fenway Park for the 2008 season.

News that the team was considering the move filtered out late last month, and follows what the team did after its 2004 World Series victory when it increased prices by close to 7 percent. According to team, ticket prices will increase an average of about 9 percent for the 2008 season.

Lower Bleacher seat prices will rise $3 to $26 each, and Field Box seats will increase to $125 a piece.

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“We are conscious of the investment that Red Sox fans make in their beloved team,” said team President and CEO Larry Lucchino in a statement. “That’s in part why there was no increase on non-premium seats last year, and that’s why we continue to hold the line this year on the lower priced tickets throughout the ballpark. That’s also why we are adding more seats along first base and third base for 2008, quality seats that nonetheless should be affordable for most when they come on board.

The Upper Bleacher seats, currently the lowest priced tickets, will remain unchanged at $12, as will General Standing Room tickets which will also remain at the current price of $20. In addition, prices for seats in Conigliaro’s Corner will remain at $25, as will Pavilion Standing Room tickets ($25). Standing Room tickets on the Green Monster and Right Field Roof Deck will remain at $30, and Pavilion Box Seats at the State Street Pavilion will remain at $90.

Between 2006 and 2007, the team held the line on ticket prices for 82 percent of it seats, but it said the 2008 increase is warranted in part because of nearly $45 million it plans to spend on improvements to Fenway Park, including trying to squeeze in more seats. Tickets will go on sale Dec. 8; details will be released in the near future, the team said.