Charities and Non-Profits to Receive Technology Boost

By Alfred Branch, Jr.

Like a lot of companies, especially internet-based ventures, TicketNetwork cycles through a lot of computers. Which leads to the obvious question, what do you do with the used – but still good – equipment? Gene Ambeau, the company’s Director of Account Management, came up with an idea.

In addition to his work for TicketNetwork, Ambeau also volunteers as the IT specialist for the Adoption Resource Center of Connecticut and knew firsthand that the center, as well as other non-profits around the state, could use some upgraded technology. So, he approached Doug Kruse, TicketNetwork’s IT director, with the idea of donating spare computers to charity.

“IT was selling our old computers to Kaplan, but as we began talking we thought why don’t we donate these instead?”

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The pair hatched an employee computer donation program under which any TicketNetwork employee who would like to donate a used computer to a viable non-profit organization can make a request for a spare computer to give the group. Ambeau said he hopes to see the program donate as many as 25 computers per year to worthy charities. TicketNetwork is the parent company of TicketNews.

“These machines are usually two to three years old,” he said, “but they are still often better than the ones these non-profits could afford or receive. There’s still a lot of value to them.”

The first recipient was Ambeau’s charity ARCCT, but he said any viable area charity is eligible so long as an employee makes a request. He added that the response by the company has been positive, and he is proud that co-workers are stepping up with the new community involvement program.

“I think it means a lot more to us than the few dollars we may have sold the computers for,” he said. “It’s a nice feeling to be able to give back.”