As soon as Super Bowl XLII ended, fans of the NFL were left starving for more and the only way to fulfill that hunger, the new football season. Well, on today, April 15, those fans just found out what the NFL will be serving up in 2008 as the full regular season schedule was announced.

The season kickoff game on Thursday September 4th, which annually features the defending champion, will showcase the Super Bowl XLII winner New York Giants as they play host to their NFC East rival Washington Redskins.

Already the most popular game in the U.S., the NFL has been working hard to spread its reach into other countries indicated by multiple exhibition games played outside of the U.S., such as last years regular season game between the Miami Dolphins and Giants at Wembley Stadium in London. This year, the NFL ventures into two foreign lands as the New Orleans Saints play the San Diego Chargers in London on Oct. 26th and the Buffalo Bills will face the Dolphins in Toronto on Dec. 7.

In other highlights, the Cleveland Browns will be playing in primetime before a national audience five times, and the Super Bowl will be played in Tampa, FL on Feb. 1, 2009.

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According to numbers compiled by ESPN, based on the records of teams from last years regular season, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been given the toughest schedule overall with the New England Patriots receiving the easiest.

With the NFL season adopting the theme of “Believe In Now” for the 2008 campaign, teams will be entering the season with new hope because anything can happen. Just look at last season, the Giants were not considered serious contenders and had a lame duck coach, now they are the defending champs.

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