The unconfirmed speculation that Paul McCartney will tour in the fall and that it will be is last world tour keeps popping up across the pond.

“A tour is being talked about, but there is no definite news at the moment.” McCartney said through his spokesperson.

The latest from the British tabloid The Sunday Mirror suggests that McCartney will make this his last world tour since he wants to spend more time with his four-year-old daughter Beatrice. The two-year trek starting this fall would take him to Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia earning him at least £110 million from the planned 100 concerts. The paper said tour dates were weeks away from being released.

“The tour will be the last time he performs in many parts of the world,” an unidentified source told the Mirror. “Beatrice and his family life are going to come first. He does not want to be away for months at a time.”

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McCartney’s last massive tour was back in 1989-90 when played 108 shows; his last tour was in 2002 which earned him £63 million for just 58 shows.