TicketNews has released its exclusive, weekly top events rankings for the week of July 7, and once again, the Jonas Brothers prove their value...

TicketNews has released its exclusive, weekly top events rankings for the week of July 7, and once again, the Jonas Brothers prove their value on the ticket market, taking the title of Top Concert Event and coming in close behind Wicked on the Top Events chart.

For the fourth week in a row, Wicked holds steadfast to its number one position in the Top Combined Events rankings, with an impressive power score of 5. Jonas Brothers follow with a 4.33 power score, bumping the New York Yankees from their previous number two position to number three. Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs tickets take the number four and five spot, respectively, pushing Jersey Boys, Madonna, and Coldplay down towards the lower end of the rankings.

The Jonas Brothers show an immense lead in the Top Concert Events rankings, with a power score of 8.83. Madonna moves up a spot from her previous number three ranking to follow with a 4.41 power score. At number three, Coldplay followed with a power score is 4.22. And from seemingly nowhere, The Eagles soar into the number four spot, with a power score of 3.11, moving ahead of Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews Band.

The New York Yankees – Boston Red Sox – Chicago Cubs sports ticket trifecta holds the respective one, two, and three spots in the Top Sports Events rankings for the third week in a row. With an 11.05 power score, the Yankees prove a strong number one. New York Mets tickets appear on the charts this week, at number five, behind the 2008 MLB All Star Game, as do tickets for the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony (in at number eight).

Amazingly, in the Top Theater Events rankings, the numbers 1-6 spots haven’t changed from the previous rankings: Wicked at number one (power score: 35.49), followed by Jersey Boys (15.89), South Pacific (9.80), Lion King (8.11), Mamma Mia! (3.12), and Phantom of the Opera (2.73). Elton John: The Red Piano moves to the number seven position from the previous week’s number nine.

On Broadway, South Pacific takes the number two spot on the Top Broadway Events rankings from Jersey Boys, now at number three. The Phantom of the Opera leaps from number ten to number six and the Little Mermaid sinks to number ten. In The Heights appears on the charts at number nine after a one-week hiatus.

Last but not least, Bette Midler dominates the Vegas Events rankings with a 36.90 power score, but watch out Ms. Midler, Cher follows closely with a 35.66 power score. Cirque du Soleil: “O” is a distant number three with a 4.05 power score. Donny and Marie Osmond appear at number five, behind Elton John and ahead of Blue Man Group.

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales from the TicketNetwork Exchange™, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. A Power Score illustrates a given event’s category-specific significance. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales from the given event and total ticket sales within the category. As such, power scores should only be used to compare events within a particular category.

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Top Combined Events

Week Ending 07/13/2008

1Wicked Tickets5.00
2Jonas Brothers Tickets4.33
3New York Yankees Tickets3.94
4Boston Red Sox Tickets2.93
5Chicago Cubs Tickets2.51
6Jersey Boys Tickets2.20
7Madonna Tickets2.04
8Coldplay Tickets1.95
9Kenny Chesney Tickets1.63
10The Eagles Tickets1.44

Top Concert Events

Week Ending 07/13/2008

1Jonas Brothers Tickets8.83
2Madonna Tickets4.41
3Coldplay Tickets4.22
4The Eagles Tickets3.11
5Kenny Chesney Tickets2.86
6Dave Matthews Band Tickets2.57
7Journey, Heart & Cheap Trick Tickets2.11
8Jimmy Buffett Tickets2.10
9John Mayer Tickets2.09
10Neil Diamond Tickets2.09

Top Sports Events

Week Ending 07/13/2008

1New York Yankees Tickets11.05
2Boston Red Sox Tickets7.92
3Chicago Cubs Tickets6.60
42008 MLB All Star Game Tickets2.97
5New York Mets Tickets2.00
6Dallas Cowboys Tickets1.87
7Cleveland Browns Tickets1.78
82008 Olympics: Opening Ceremony Tickets1.70
9Milwaukee Brewers Tickets1.59
10Chicago Bears Tickets1.40

Top Theater Events

Week Ending 07/13/2008

1Wicked Tickets35.49
2Jersey Boys Tickets15.89
3South Pacific Tickets9.80
4Lion King Tickets8.11
5Mamma Mia! Tickets3.12
6Phantom of the Opera Tickets2.73
7Elton John: The Red Piano Tickets2.11
8A Chorus Line Tickets1.63
9Mary Poppins Tickets1.36
10Young Frankenstein Tickets1.20

Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 07/13/2008

1Wicked Tickets31.48
2South Pacific Tickets16.64
3Jersey Boys Tickets16.47
4Lion King Tickets7.85
5Mamma Mia! Tickets3.76
6Phantom of the Opera Tickets2.41
7Mary Poppins Tickets2.30
8Young Frankenstein Tickets2.04
9In The Heights Tickets2.04
10The Little Mermaid Tickets1.69

Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 07/13/2008

1Bette Midler: The ShowGirl Must Go On Tickets36.90
2Cher Tickets35.66
3Cirque du Soleil: “O” Tickets4.05
4Elton John: The Red Piano Tickets3.61
5Donny & Marie Osmond Tickets2.60
6Blue Man Group Tickets2.52
7Cirque du Soleil: KÀ Tickets1.49
8Stomp Out Loud Tickets1.25
9Jersey Boys Tickets1.14
10Lance Burton Tickets1.14

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