For the second week in a row, tickets to see rock legends AC/DC were far and away the most popular event in TicketNews’s top...

For the second week in a row, tickets to see rock legends AC/DC were far and away the most popular event in TicketNews’s top event rankings. The Black Ice World Tour will take the band on an 18-month adventure, beginning with a 23-city North American tour set to begin October 28.

The runner-up to AC/DC’s power score of 8.68 was the ever consistent Wicked, which finished with a power score of 5.35, for the week ending September 28. The Dallas Cowboys jumped up two spots from last week’s number five position, up to number three. They took the place of Metallica, which once again fell in the rankings to number six, only two weeks removed from being number one. Four of last week’s top ten dropped out of this week’s with the Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Yankees all falling out of the top twenty.

With AC/DC dominating all events this past week, it was the race for number two among top concerts that was a lot closer. Madonna was able to take it with a power score of 6.08, barely edging out Metallica. The Eagles saw a resurgence this past week in the rankings moving from number seven to number four, improving their power score by more than double going from 2.29 to 5.02. The only newcomer to the top ten concerts this week was New Kids on the Block, which came in at number ten.

With the baseball regular season coming to a close and the playoffs yet to start, football was able to continue it’s domination of the top sports events rankings. The Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns and New York Giants occupied the top three spots. The three non-football sports events that appeared in the rankings were the Chicago Cubs, who will enter the post-season as one of the hottest tickets; the New York Mets, who will drop out of the rankings after not qualifying for the playoffs; and Oscar De La Hoya, whose bout with Manny Pacquiao is set for December 6.


Very little has changed in the top theater events for the week with the top five positions remaining unchanged. It was once again “Wicked” followed by Jersey Boys then South Pacific, Radio City Christmas Spectacular and the Lion King. The new shows that appeared in the top ten were the Little Mermaid (number eight) and Dirty Dancing (number nine).

The same shows that were the most popular among theatergoers everywhere were the most popular on Broadway as well. “Wicked,” “South Pacific” and “Jersey Boys” remained as the top three shows. Even the remainder of the top ten was the same as last week, with the “Little Mermaid” making the biggest move going from number nine to number six.

For the past several weeks Bette Midler has been slowly gaining on Cher as the top event in Las Vegas. This week she finally was able to take to top position, by a large margin, with Midler finishing with a power score of 33.53 compared to Cher’s 17.44. Criss Angel: Believe saw the biggest boost in popularity moving up to number three and was the top selling Cirque du Soleil show of the week. The Vegas productions of “Jersey Boys” and Mamma Mia! rounded out the top ten.

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales from the TicketNetwork Exchange™, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. A Power Score illustrates a given event’s category-specific significance. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales from the given event and total ticket sales within the category. As such, power scores should only be used to compare events within a particular category.

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Top Combined Events

Week Ending 09/28/2008

1AC/DC Tickets8.68
2Wicked Tickets5.35
3Dallas Cowboys Tickets4.42
4Jersey Boys Tickets2.20
5Madonna Tickets2.16
6Metallica Tickets2.06
7Texas Longhorns Tickets1.79
8The Eagles Tickets1.78
9New York Giants Tickets1.50
10Chicago Bears Tickets1.31

Top Concert Events

Week Ending 09/28/2008

1AC/DC Tickets24.43
2Madonna Tickets6.08
3Metallica Tickets5.80
4The Eagles Tickets5.02
5Tina Turner Tickets3.16
6Céline Dion Tickets2.99
7Robin Williams Tickets2.62
8Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets2.46
9Coldplay Tickets2.12
10New Kids on the Block Tickets1.78

Top Sports Events

Week Ending 09/28/2008

1Dallas Cowboys Tickets9.78
2Texas Longhorns Tickets3.97
3New York Giants Tickets3.32
4Chicago Bears Tickets2.89
5Chicago Cubs Tickets2.43
6New York Mets Tickets2.26
7Oscar De La Hoya Tickets2.24
8Georgia Bulldogs Tickets2.11
9Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets2.07
10Philadelphia Eagles Tickets1.78

Top Theater Events

Week Ending 09/28/2008

1Wicked Tickets34.35
2Jersey Boys Tickets14.39
3South Pacific Tickets7.73
4Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets7.62
5Lion King Tickets4.06
6Phantom of the Opera Tickets3.68
7Mamma Mia! Tickets2.91
8Little Mermaid Tickets1.99
9Dirty Dancing Tickets1.64
10The Color Purple Tickets1.55

Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 09/28/2008

1Wicked Tickets32.48
2South Pacific Tickets14.13
3Jersey Boys Tickets12.62
4Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets10.81
5Mamma Mia! Tickets4.24
6Little Mermaid Tickets3.69
7Lion King Tickets3.55
8Billy Elliot Tickets1.85
9Phantom of the Opera Tickets1.54
10Cirque du Soleil: Wintuk Tickets1.47

Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 09/28/2008

1Bette Midler Tickets33.53
2Cher Tickets17.44
3Criss Angel: Believe Tickets11.50
4Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles: LOVE Tickets8.40
5Elton John: The Red Piano Tickets7.85
6Cirque du Soleil: “O” Tickets5.82
7Le Rêve Tickets2.27
8Cirque du Soleil: Zumanity Tickets1.50
9Jersey Boys Tickets1.23
10Mamma Mia! Tickets1.16

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