There is no doubt that the National Football League is the alpha dog of the major sports leagues. Fans seem to buy whatever they are selling, and the league is testing that theory as the average ticket price increased by 7.9 percent to $72.20, according to a study by Team Marketing Report.

The New England Patriots spent the first 18 games of last season blowing every team they faced out of the water. This off-season they once again blew out the competition raising their tickets to $117.84, a whopping 29.6 percent increase over last season. They also became the first team with an average ticket price north of $100. Coming in second place in the race for highest prices was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who raised ticket prices 24.4 percent to $90.13.

Only eight teams decided not to increase their ticket prices with the lowest ticket price belonging to the Buffalo Bills who increased their price by 10.3 percent to $51.24. No teams decreased their ticket price for the 2008 season.

The NFL now joins Major League Baseball in seeing the average ticket price increase, as the baseball saw their tickets raise 10.1 percent in 2008.

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In an economy that is watching food and gas prices skyrocket, people are being forced to dig deeper and deeper into their bank account. But as fans continue to line up for tickets, no matter the price, don’t expect prices for tickets to come down anytime soon.

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