For ticket brokers part of being in the ticket resale business is tracking and finding ticket drops, or when previously unavailable tickets become available from the primary seller. Ticket Drop Checker is the newest tool to help brokers find these ticket drops, and help increase their bottom line.

Launched in mid-August, the site allows for users to monitor between 25 to 500 different events, with subscription prices ranging from $79.95 to $1,095.95 per month. Tony Buonopane, president of Ticket Drop Checker, told TicketNews that he created the site because there were not enough dependable ticket drop tools on the market.

“We subscribed to other sites and they were not always reliable,” he said adding that they often took a long time to notify their customers about ticket drops. He also added that because his company has live agents, rather than an automated system, it allows for quicker updates.

Ticket Drop Checker also differs from its competitors by allowing for users to keep an eye on more events, while also allowing for their subscribers to get alerts about ticket drops via text messaging.

The site already has more than 30 subscribers in its young age, a number that continues to grow. As the company looks to expand, they have big plans for the future of its service. Some features they will be looking to add include a tool to have Ticket Drop Checker purchase the tickets for the user when they become available, the ability to monitor events by section of the venue and a tool that will analyze market trends.

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