Looking to reach old and new fans who may have turned away from the team following the last few rough seasons, the New York Knicks have turned to price club retailer Costco to help sell some tickets to home games this month, December and January.

The move is the latest among sports teams looking at new ways to sell tickets. Some teams have even pledged to freeze or lower ticket prices to attract fans, but traditionally, the Knicks are among the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) better-selling teams, so officials were likely more concerned about finding new outlets. This became more acute following recent losing seasons that have made the team a bit vulnerable to discontent among fans.

The Knicks are selling the tickets, via a discount gift card-type of method, at 20 participating Costco warehouses in the New York and New Jersey areas. Fans can purchase a card for $70, which is good for two 300-level seats; the deal represents a 40 percent savings on the regular price of two tickets in those sections.

Certain high-profile games are not available in the deal, including the Cleveland Cavaliers on November 25; the Golden State Warriors on November 29; the Denver Nuggets on December 28; and the defending NBA Champion Boston Celtics on January 4.

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Howard Jacobs, the team’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, told the New York Post that Costco is a perfect outlet to offer affordable tickets. “With the holiday season fast approaching, we wanted to create an opportunity for our fans to experience the new era,” he said.

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