Despite praising the company for cooperating with authorities, an Arkansas judge this week ruled that Ticket Software LLC, parent company of TicketNetwork and TicketNews, is subject to certain state laws for the ticket company’s involvement in a Hannah Montana ticketing case.

Both the Arkansas Attorney General’s office, and state Circuit Court Judge Timothy Fox do not believe Ticket Software is guilty of any wrongdoing, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, but the state’s legal team still filed suit against the company to find out who was reselling tickets to the wildly popular concert tour. The case is still pending.

Fans were angered by the high prices and lack of availability of tickets for the tour, which many blamed on brokers. But, what the case does not pursue is the involvement of the venues, promoter, fan clubs and managers who were involved in withholding tickets from the public.

Ticket Software cooperated with the Attorney General’s Office, but declined to disclose names and information on clients, which the company believes are confidential. State attorney argued the company is subject to the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, but while Fox said he believed Ticket Software is subject to state laws, he said he needed to be convinced that the company was in violation of the deceptive practices act. Ticket Software argued that it is located in another state, Connecticut, and doesn’t do enough business in Arkansas to fall under the act. In addition, Ticket Software is not believed to have broken any laws, which is one of the criteria of the act.

The Attorney General’s Office has a month to come up with more reasons to pursue the case under the deceptive practices case, the judge said.

Officials from Ticket Software declined to comment on the matter citing pending litigation.

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