If there is one thing that ticket brokers know, it is that as the secondary ticket market has grown over the years, so has the level of scrutiny that governments have placed on the industry. And one of the areas most studied is tax revenue, as some states and municipalities look at the possibility of levying fees on resold tickets.

With so many states creating different requirements, brokers need an edge in how to navigate the system and in the spirit of assisting brokers, TicketNews has created a new 50-state compendium called “Amusement and Sales Tax Laws as Applied to Ticket Resellers.” Hard copies of the report are available for $50 (plus $10 for shipping and handling) by clicking here. In addition, hard copies will be sold next week at Ticket Summit NYC, scheduled for January 6-8 at the Waldorf=Astoria in Manhattan.

“We thought it was important that brokers had a complete picture of the tax implications across the country,” said Dan Pullium, Director of Government Relations for TicketNews’s parent company TicketNetwork. “This compendium is a thorough reporting of the tax requirements in each of the 50 states.”

The report is the first of its kind offered to brokers and not only includes references to each state’s laws; it also includes a map and specific contact information for each state tax and/or revenue department.

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Among the information compiled in the report are the requirements for selling tickets to events in Texas and Hawaii, where fees are levied, in addition to an explanation of Chicago, IL’s amusement tax.

As new tax laws are created, updates to the report will be handled through email alerts from the Better Ticketing Association through its “Capitol Insights” program. New editions of the report will be sold each January.

The new document will serve as one of the focal points for the Suit Up! Legislative Education & Advocacy Issues panel at Ticket Summit NYC.

In addition to the tax compendium, TicketNews has also released a report on “Ticket Resale Laws” that looks at the various requirements for reselling event tickets throughout the country. That report is $25 (plus $10 for shipping and handling), and new editions will be released in July.

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Last Updated on May 27, 2009

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