“FirstDIBZ Announces Super Bowl XLIV Ticket Availability and New Pricing”

CHICAGO, IL (Marketwire) December 17, 2008 – Online forward market pioneer FirstDIBZ today announced the launch of its Super Bowl XLIV ticket market. For the first time at FirstDIBZ, the 2010 Super Bowl ticket launch will be staggered over eight days, introducing one of the eight NFL Divisions on each day at 1 p.m. CST (Dec. 16 – Dec 23). FirstDIBZ is also announcing new tiered pricing for each team which will reward customers for purchasing early.

Passionate fans hoping to see their favorite team compete in the 2010 Super Bowl can now purchase DIBZ at the FirstDIBZ exchange and guarantee themselves the opportunity to receive their tickets at face value when their team qualifies.

Historically, getting tickets for such costly events has been out of the reach for the average fan. By the time their team has qualified for the playoffs, tickets are often either completely unavailable or simply unaffordable. By going to FirstDIBZ.com, fans can avoid getting shutout or having to pay inflated secondary market prices. FirstDIBZ.com also allows fans to secure face-value playoff tickets for their team well before the AFC/NFC Championship concludes.

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“FirstDIBZ quite simply makes it possible for anyone with some careful planning and a little daring to actually afford a Super Bowl ticket,” said Rick Harmon, chief executive officer, FirstDIBZ. “The anticipation of having your favorite team compete in the Super Bowl is made even more exciting by the knowledge that if they make it, you’ll be there. A Super Bowl DIBZ for a holiday gift is an absolute no-brainer!”

In addition, once the traditional Super Bowl XLIV market launch concludes on Dec. 23, FirstDIBZ will be launching the user-powered uDIBZ service for Super Bowl XLIV. In its second year, the uDIBZ market allows season ticket holders to sell “DIBZ,” advance reservations, for Super Bowl XLIV. For example, if you are a season ticket holder with rights to Chicago Bears Super Bowl tickets, use the uDIBZ platform to create and sell these potential tickets as DIBZ in our uDIBZ market.

Beyond championship sporting events, the company’s scalable consumer-direct platform, dubbed “pre-Bay” by insiders, can host a wide range of markets from live entertainment to goods and services, and will be launched in coming months.

“For less than $100, I have two DIBZ to see my Jets if they get to the Super Bowl this year,” said Mark Mahoney, a longtime FirstDIBZ customer from New Jersey. “The thrill of watching them has been intensified knowing that I will be there when it happens! This surely will end up being the greatest holiday present I have ever purchased.”

About FirstDIBZ

FirstDIBZ, founded in 2001, is dedicated to providing passionate buyers an entirely new and compelling way to gain access to the things which they most desire, while providing the world’s most sought after brands an entirely new capability by which they can reach and delight these passionate buyers. The company is based in Chicago. For more information, please visit www.firstdibz.com.

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