“StubHub Launches ‘Tickets for Trees’ to Help Restore Forests Across the U.S.”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (BUSINESS WIRE) December 18, 2008 – StubHub, the world’s largest ticket marketplace, today announced the launch of its “Tickets for Trees” program, an effort to plant a tree for every ticket purchased on StubHub for the 2008-09 NFL post-season. In partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF), StubHub will plant trees in National Forests across the U.S. in the closest proximity to cities hosting playoff games, as well as in the Ocala National Forest near Tampa, Florida, site of Super Bowl XLIII. For example, when the Tennessee Titans host their divisional playoff game in Nashville, StubHub will plant a tree in the Cherokee National Forest in Eastern Tennessee for each ticket purchased through StubHub for that event and any subsequent home games at LP Field. StubHub expects to plant tens of thousands of trees early in 2009 in up to eleven National Forests across the country, based on transaction volume coupled with individual fan donations.

“StubHub is excited to provide fans an opportunity to beautify and strengthen their local environment each time they purchase a ticket to see their home team in the playoffs,” said Chris Tsakalakis, president of StubHub. “Our Tickets for Trees initiative will put tens of thousands of trees into the ground in just a few months, making our customers important players in the fight to protect America’s environmental future.”

The National Forest Foundation is the only conservation organization focused on addressing the challenges that face National Forests and Grasslands across the country. As a non-profit partner of the U.S. Forest Service, the NFF supports community-based and national programs that promote the health and public enjoyment of the National Forest System.

“Clean air is no joking matter, and we are glad to see StubHub make such a serious commitment to help its fans reforest the U.S,” said Jeff Olson, NFF Vice President. “All trees planted in the initiative will help restore areas within National Forests that have been damaged through catastrophic wildfire, insect and disease outbreak and other natural disasters, while also improving recreational opportunities and helping to reduce erosion.”

Support Your Team and Your Environment.

StubHub’s “Tickets for Trees” initiative for the NFL Playoffs kicks-off a joint effort to restore National Forests across the country. More information can be found on StubHub.com/TicketsForTrees, as well as NationalForests.org. Fans have two ways to participate:

1. Buy an NFL

playoff ticket or Super

Bowl XLIII ticket on StubHub

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2. Donate

directly to your team’s National Forest — every dollar plants

another tree.

National Forests will be designated to each hosting playoff team

on Monday, December 29th.


Currently, the U.S. Forest Service estimates that approximately 2 million acres of National Forests need to be restored, but that number continues to grow. Reforestation becomes that much more important because of the wide ranging benefits — trees produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, provide homes for wildlife, and filter clean water for all of us to drink. Planting trees is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to achieve all these things. For example, 30,000 newly planted trees would sequester more than 15,000 tons of carbon, significantly reducing the buildup of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere and slowing the rate of climate change.

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About National Forest Foundation
Founded by Congress in 1991, the National Forest Foundation works to conserve, restore and enhance America’s 193-million-acre National Forest System. Through community-based strategies and public-private partnerships, the NFF enhances wildlife habitat, revitalizes wildfire-damaged landscapes, restores watersheds, and improves recreational resources for the benefit of all Americans. The NFF’s Friends of the Forest® program helps build awareness of the issues and values surrounding our National Forests through outreach and volunteer opportunities. To learn more, visit us at www.nationalforests.org.