Elton John & Billy Joel hold on to their number one position in TicketNews’s Top Combined Events rankings for the week ending February 22....

Elton John & Billy Joel hold on to their number one position in TicketNews’s Top Combined Events rankings for the week ending February 22. With a 6.03 power score, the duo rank ahead of number-two Wicked (5.40) and number-three Eric Clapton (2.65), whose summer tour tickets went on sale this past weekend. Kenny Chesney performs well this week, climbing from number ten to number four (2.44), and Britney Spears reemerges in the overall top ten at number five, power score 2.32. Coldplay (number six, 1.99) pulls ahead of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band (number seven, 1.97). Amidst all these top-selling concerts, the Chicago Cubs emerge at number eight (1.65). Jimmy Buffett (1.45) and Nickelback (1.57) close out the Top Combined top ten.

Of course Elton John & Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, et al top the Top Concert Events rankings. Also in the concert top ten: Fleetwood Mac, at number nine (2.83), after taking a week-long hiatus from these rankings. The tenth bestselling concert belongs to Keith Urban & Taylor Swift, who will perform a few shows together during Urban’s The Escape Together World Tour.

Major League Baseball dominates the sports rankings, with the Chicago Cubs at number one (4.74) and the Boston Red Sox at number two (4.14). WWE tickets sold well enough to bring that event to number three (3.54). The Los Angeles Lakers (number four, 3.16) edge ahead of the New York Yankees (number five, 3.15), which in turn edge ahead of the New York Knicks (number six, 2.53). AMA Supercross ticket sales weren’t as great as in the last rankings and now that event falls from number six to number seven (2.44). The Cleveland Cavaliers are number eight (2.64) and the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies are number nine (2.19). Monster Jam Trucks comes in at number ten with a 2.06 power score.

With a 37.99 power score, “Wicked” has a huge number-one lead in the Top Theater Events rankings; Jersey Boys rank behind “Wicked” with a 10.04 power score. South Pacific is the third bestselling show (6.45), followed by Lion King (5.40). Will Ferrell: You’re Welcome America – A final Night With George W Bush continues to sell well (number five, 5.31), as do musical favorites “Dirty Dancing” (number seven, 3.59), Billy Elliot (number eight, 3.35), “Mamma Mia!” (number nine, 2.41), and “Rent” (number ten, 1.62).

In the Broadway rankings, “South Pacific” sells slightly more tickets than “Jersey Boys” and Will Ferrell’s show is ranked slightly higher, at number four. Exclusively Broadway shows like West Side Story (number eight, 2.28), and In The Heights (number ten, 1.19) make the top ten.


Cher holds on to number one in the Vegas rankings with a 44.82 power score. Bette Midler is behind with a 27.37 power score and “Elton John the Red Piano” follows Midler with a 5.48 power score. Cirque du Soleil dominates these Vegas rankings: Cirque du Soleil – O (number four, 4.22); Cirque du Soleil – The Beatles: Love (number five, 2.28); Cirque du Soleil – Zumanity (number six, 1.77); Cirque du Soleil – KÀ (number seven, 1.59); La Reve (number eight, 1.36); and Cirque du Soleil – Mystere (number nine, 1.07). Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year Danny Gans comes in at number ten, power score 1.04.

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales from the TicketNetwork Exchange™, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. A Power Score illustrates a given event’s category-specific significance. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales from the given event and total ticket sales within the category. As such, power scores should only be used to compare events within a particular category.

Top Combined Events

Week Ending 2/22/2009

1Elton John & Billy Joel Tickets6.03
2Wicked Tickets5.40
3Eric Clapton Tickets2.65
4Kenny Chesney Tickets2.44
5Britney Spears Tickets2.32
6Coldplay Tickets1.99
7Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Tickets1.97
8Chicago Cubs Tickets1.65
9Nickelback Tickets1.57
10Jimmy Buffett Tickets1.45

Top Concert Events

Week Ending 2/22/2009

1Elton John & Billy Joel Tickets12.58
2Eric Clapton Tickets5.52
3Kenny Chesney Tickets5.10
4Britney Spears Tickets4.85
5Coldplay Tickets4.15
6Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Tickets4.11
7Nickelback Tickets3.28
8Jimmy Buffett Tickets3.03
9Fleetwood Mac Tickets2.83
10Keith Urban & Taylor Swift Tickets2.63

Top Sports Events

Week Ending 2/22/2009

1Chicago Cubs Tickets4.74
2Boston Red Sox Tickets4.14
3WWE Tickets3.54
4Los Angeles Lakers Tickets3.16
5New York Yankees Tickets3.15
6New York Knicks Tickets2.53
7AMA Supercross Tickets2.44
8Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets2.64
9Philadelphia Phillies Tickets2.19
10Monster Jam Trucks Tickets2.06

Top Theater Events

Week Ending 2/22/2009

1Wicked Tickets37.99
2Jersey Boys Tickets10.04
3South Pacific Tickets6.45
4Lion King Tickets5.40
5Will Ferrell: You’re Welcome America – A Final Night With George W Bush Tickets5.31
6Phantom Of The Opera Tickets4.49
7Dirty Dancing Tickets3.59
8Billy Elliot Tickets3.35
9Mamma Mia! Tickets2.41
10Rent Tickets1.62

Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 2/22/2009

1Wicked Tickets33.21
2South Pacific Tickets12.70
3Jersey Boys Tickets12.36
4Will Ferrell: You’re Welcome America – A Final Night With George W Bush Tickets9.67
5Billy Elliot Tickets6.67
6Lion King Tickets5.75
7Mamma Mia! Tickets3.45
8West Side Story Tickets2.28
9Phantom of the Opera Tickets2.01
10In The Heights Tickets1.19

Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 2/22/2009

1Cher Tickets44.82
2Bette Midler Tickets27.37
3Elton John the Red Piano Tickets5.48
4Cirque Du Soleil – O Tickets4.22
5Cirque Du Soleil – The Beatles: Love Tickets2.28
6Cirque Du Soleil – Zumanity Tickets1.77
7Cirque Du Soleil – Ka Tickets1.59
8Le Reve Tickets1.36
9Cirque Du Soleil – Mystere Tickets1.07
10Danny Gans Tickets1.04

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