A Washington, DC-based law firm has launched its own investigation into the business practices of Ticketmaster Entertainment and its subsidiary TicketsNow as it relates to the companies’ handling of the recent onsales for Bruce Springsteen tickets.

Finkelstein Thompson LLP is the latest entity to question how the two companies handled the Springsteen sale, and the investigation comes as parent company Ticketmaster deals with the federal probe into its plan to merge with Live Nation.

“We are currently investigating allegations that some consumers were unable to buy tickets for concerts and other events on Ticketmaster’s website, yet were immediately offered more expensive tickets through Ticketmaster’s subsidiary, TicketsNow,” the Finkelstein Thompson Web site stated. “TicketsNow is a resale marketplace for events tickets. Consumers have concluded that Ticketmaster permits ticket brokers to purchase tickets ahead of consumers and immediately resell them through TicketsNow.”

Several fans have complained that when they tried to buy Springsteen tickets from the Ticketmaster Web site, they were shut out and then rerouted to the secondary marketplace Web site TicketsNow where tickets were sold for significantly higher prices. Not only did Springsteen and his representatives complain about the move, and received an apology from Ticketmaster, but politicians jumped into the fray and called for investigations.

In addition, Ticketmaster was recently sued for this same alleged practice in Canada. Finkelstein Thompson did not state whether a lawsuit would be filed, but it called on people who believe they may have been wronged by TicketsNow and Ticketmaster to contact their office.

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“On February 2, 2008 Bruce Springsteen tickets became available on Ticketmaster’s website, but when fans endured technical problems or were informed that the event was “sold out,” they were redirected to the TicketsNow website. Tickets were available through TicketsNow at greatly inflated price,” the Finkelstein Thompson Web site stated. “Ticketmaster’s sales practices were previously investigated by several authorities following similar incident involving sales for a Miley Cyrus, a.k.a. Hannah Montana tour. Fans of acts such as Phish, The Dead, and others complain that when they attempted to purchase regular-priced tickets they were directed to the TicketsNow website. Fans complain that Ticketmaster directed them to resale tickets at TicketsNow.com even when regularly-priced tickets were still available.”

Attorneys for Finkelstein Thompson could not be reached for comment, and Ticketmaster did not return a message seeking their response. Finkelstein Thompson describes itself as a law firm that “represents consumers who have been harmed by large corporations’ unfair business practices.”

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