PHILADELPHIA, PA (TicketLeap) May 7, 2009 –TicketLeap announced the launch of TicketLeap Anywhere, a cloud-based ticketing platform that enables event organizers to sell tickets from virtually anywhere with Internet access using minimal hardware such as inexpensive laptops.

“TicketLeap Anywhere can do everything a $10,000 full-service box office system can do. The only difference is that it lives in the cloud and works from your web browser,” says TicketLeap CEO, Chris Stanchak.

“This means that we save our customers thousands of dollars in equipment. We charge only a small fee per ticket that most customers pass along to the patron,” he adds.
The response from customers has been overwhelming.

Insomniac browser for ticketing professionals

“Using TicketLeap Anywhere was a no-brainer,” says Ed Fleming, Executive Director of America’s Video Game Expo, who sold thousands of tickets using TicketLeap Anywhere.
“On the day of the event, we setup a few laptops at the door to sell tickets.

TicketLeap and the TicketLeap Anywhere solution proved to be great partner in helping VGXPO increase its number of attendees through the gate,” he says. Fleming also notes the system was popular among the video gamers who attended his event.

“Because it was so easy to use, we actually let our patrons operate the ticketing software themselves,” Fleming says. “They were swiping their own credit cards and getting their tickets in under a minute. They thought it was cool.”

High schools, festivals, trade shows and conventions have also been very receptive to the product, he adds. Walter Johnson High School was one of the first high schools to use TicketLeap Anywhere for their sports and performance events.

“TicketLeap Anywhere is incredibly easy to use to sell tickets online and at the door. The ticketing software allows customers to pick their seats using a digital map or be assigned to the best available seats,” says Kathy Cosgrove, Business Manager at Walter Johnson High School. “This ticket service helped us tremendously with our past productions and the ability to track all of our sales digitally was quite helpful.”

TicketLeap believes that most ticket solutions will eventually live in the cloud. “It’s only a matter of time before every ticket you buy comes from web-based ticketing software like this,” Stanchak says. “There’s really no comparison when it comes to cost, convenience and flexibility.”

About TicketLeap

TicketLeap is a full-service ticketing and event management solution used by more than 8,000 venues and event organizers throughout the U.S. TicketLeap requires no special hardware, software, or contracts and is free and simple to setup online. Consumers can use any major credit or debit card to purchase tickets in person, by phone, or online. TicketLeap is ideal for any event organizer who wants to reduce costs, simplify event management and enhance customer convenience. To learn more, visit www.ticketleap.com.

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