In order to help keep fans happy, the secondary ticket market needs to embrace transparency just as much its primary ticketing rivals do, according to Joe Cohen, CEO and founder of UK-based secondary ticketing company Seatwave.

Cohen uttered his sentiments during the final day late last week of the fourth annual Ticket Summit in Las Vegas, where more than 500 brokers and other ticketing, venue and software executives attended the trade show and conference, making it one of the most successful in its history.

“We need to take a hard look at what we’re offering fans as it relates to transparency, because without it fans and consumers can become disenfranchised,” Cohen said. “And, when you’re opaque, it allows critics to say what you are instead of you controlling that message.”

Despite the efforts of some to paint the secondary ticket industry in a negative light in recent months, Cohen believes the market is far too resilient to fall prey to those tactics. “We sit at ground zero of the greatest growth area in the live entertainment marketplace.”

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Cohen also spoke on the issue of speculative ticket sales, which has come under fire from politicians for allegedly deceiving some fans, and he said he can understand why some fans are upset over the practice.

“Some consumers look at spec tickets as either a rigged game, or that someone is selling them something that they don’t own,” Cohen said, adding that the secondary industry needs to find ways to address that perception.