Ever planned a ticketed event but been unsure as to how to promote it? With the world of social networking Web sites booming, even reaching one’s own close friends and associates can be complicated. After all, there’s no way to ensure that simply promoting an event through one social networking site will reach all of the intended recipients. And, how should one reach those friends and associates who aren’t quite plugged into the social networking world? Having recognized this disparity within the online sphere, iggli has created a means of consolidating online ticket promotion both for the individual as well as for larger groups.

The catalyst for the creation of iggli, according to CEO Tom Higley, was a realization that “no one had created a recognizable standard for invitations related to ticketed events. There is a standard for online events, but not ticketed events, especially music and sports related events.”

Recognizing this hole in the market, iggli responded with the creation of a service, particularly a “green button,” that would allow users to invite their friends to events across all the major social networking sites as well as through e-mail. “After all, some of their friends use email. Some don’t. Some use Facebook. Some don’t. We even go a step further and make it easier for them to find their events and manage the process to pay for the tickets for those events,” pointed out Higley.

iggli, with its innovative approach to online ticket promotion, will be among the companies attending Ticket Summit 2010 in New York City. iggli has been involved with the past three Ticket Summits, and Higley spoke on two separate panels at the most recent conference in Las Vegas over the summer.

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As for what iggli will be bringing to the table with Ticket Summit 2010, Higley told Ticket News, “We’ll talk about the importance of conversion and the power of friend-to-freind interaction with resepct to conversion. We will also talk about traditional hurdles to ticket purchase and finally we’ll talk about the ways that data gathered in connection with a process can be helpful in outlining a more effective marketing strategy.”

As a company on the cutting edge of handling social networking and internet ticket sales, iggli’s new format seeks to bridge the gap between, as Higley told Ticket News, “a world that had no social media components and the new world where social media – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace & a collection of Web 2.0 services and companies – where those services begin to be more important to the fan in connecting to the event, the team, the artist, and so forth.” With this goal in mind, iggli and its representatives are hoping for the opportunity to connect with both primary and secondary ticket sellers at Ticket Summit, and have a chance to spread their innovative technology throughout the greater ticketing community.

With the world of social networking and Web 2.0 services continuing to expand, iggli sees itself as a crucial element in the continuing growth of internet ticket sales. Higley foresees a strong future for iggli, with long-term goals including having “anyone that lists an event online use our service, our button, our invitation capabilities, our payment capabilities and we’d ultimately like to offer the service that we provide even beyond the realm of ticketing to make it easy for people who are part of a group to manage and arrange for payment by individual members of the group.”

Higley is confident that iggli’s participation in Ticket Summit 2010 will help iggli move ever closer to those goals. “We always make it a point to connect with key partners at the show because the services that we provide are generally interesting to the larger ticket sellers.”