CelebrityAccess joins the team of sponsors for the upcoming Ticket Summit to be held on January 13-15, 2010. The second annual New York event...

CelebrityAccess joins the team of sponsors for the upcoming Ticket Summit to be held on January 13-15, 2010. The second annual New York event will be based at the Waldorf=Astoria in New York City.

In business since 1998, CelebrityAccess offers an extensive database for the performing arts industry, with profiles and contact information for professionals such as comedians, musicians, agents, managers and venues. Clients pay an annual subscription fee for access to this database. The company Web site claims continuously updated information on over 35,000 industry professionals, providing individual bios, relevant links, touring schedules, box office scores and fee ranges.

This is the company’s third time participating at Ticket Summit, and president Peter Denholtz is looking forward to another successful experience.

“CelebrityAccess has exhibited at Ticket Summit on two occasions. We have been very happy to support Ticket Summit as they have allowed us access to a relatively new market,” Denholtz said in an interview with TicketNews. “Although we had worked with a few ticketing companies…we have been introduced to a large segment of the industry and have had the chance to show how CelebrityAccess can be of great help to those in the ticketing and related industries.”

Denholtz recalls positive experiences each time the company has attended the Summit, adding, “CelebrityAccess has benefited by being able to demonstrate our service to a wide range of ticketing companies, and with each Summit we meet more and more friends and potential customers. The entire team at Ticket Summit have been professional and helpful.”

For the upcoming Summit, Denholtz’s focus is on showcasing the company’s services, becoming involved in the events of the show, and always making sure that there is good follow-up with prospective clients. He looks forward to making more friends and potential customers at this Summit.

In terms of current challenges to business, Denholtz pegs the economy as number one.

He stated, “The state of the economy has certainly not been helpful. We have had to work with some of our smaller customers on pricing and to show potential customers how CelebrityAccess can save them money. CelebrityAccess is a cost-saver and revenue-producer because it provides information that creates opportunities.”

The current economic climate notwithstanding, Denholtz sees the company’s goals for growth meshing well with its involvement in the ticketing industry.

“We would like to increase our customer base in existing markets and continue to open new markets that value the service we provide,” Denholtz explained. “There are certainly more companies in the ticketing industry that can learn how to reach out to venues and the various decision makers that decide on ticketing options.”

He believes that CelebrityAccess has the unique tools to help ticketing companies in achieving these goals.