According to TicketNews’ exclusive event rankings for the week ending Sunday, June 11, Broadway’s long running hit musical Wicked has reclaimed its spot at...

According to TicketNews’ exclusive event rankings for the week ending Sunday, June 11, Broadway’s long running hit musical Wicked has reclaimed its spot at the top of the list. Power scoring a 6.66, the perennial fan favorite continues to outsell all Broadway rivals, making it a frequent visitor to the number one spot in the Top Events Rankings.

Top selling musical artist Lady Gaga (4.77) finished at number two in Top Events for the second straight week, followed by Justin Bieber at three (3.71). The iconic New York Yankees took number four (1.92), and Paul McCartney (five, 1.86) edged out the Netherlands (six, 1.85) on ticket sales for their July 11 FIFA World Cup Final against Spain (Spain beat the Netherlands 1-0 for the title).

The final sports team to make the Events top ten this week was the Boston Red Sox, with ticket sales strong enough to take them to number seven and a power score of 1.49. Broadway and concert tours shared the remaining slots, as Lion King finished at number eight (1.47), September’s joint concerts by Jay-Z and Eminem placed at number nine (1.39) and the Jersey Boys finished the week at number ten (also power scoring 1.39).

Lady Gaga dominated the Top Concerts Rankings this week with a power score of 9.70. Next in the rankings were the remaining Top Event artists, Justin Bieber (two, 7.65), Paul McCartney (three, 3.86) and Jay-Z and Eminem (four, 2.86) Other standouts on the list are long time rockers Rush (five, 2.79), the Dave Matthews Band (six, 2.69) and Sting (ten, 1.83), who tours this time with the 45-piece Royal Philharmonic Concert orchestra.

Baseball dominated this week’s Top Sports Events rankings. For the fourth week in a row, the New York Yankees led the list (6.05), with the Boston Red Sox taking number three (4.73) and the Minnesota Twins (six, 2.95), Colorado Rockies (seven, 2.68),Chicago Cubs (eight, 2.23), Seattle Mariners (ten, 1.60) and the MLB All Star Game (nine, 1.64) all selling well this week. The Netherlands’ World Cup Finals tickets took number two (5.85), and with the news last week that LeBron James will be playing for the Miami Heat next season, season tickets packages for his new team made it to number four (4.27).

As expected, “Wicked” once again ruled the Top Broadway Events rankings this week, power scoring a monster 36.78. “Lion King” came in at number two with a respectable 11.13, followed by “Jersey Boys” (three, 9.36) and Billy Elliot (four, 5.32). Tony winner Fences finished strong (seven, 3.54), as did Chicago – The Musical (eight, 2.80).

This week’s Top Theater Events Rankings read similarly, with “Wicked” not surprisingly taking first and dwarfing the revenues of all competitors with a big 39.15 power score. “Lion King” was a distant second here as well at 8.74. Other shows performing well included “Billy Elliot” (four, 5.78), In the Heights (eight, 1.67) and “South Pacific” (ten, 1.41), which ends its run in August after more than 1,000 performances.

Cher once again claimed the title of number one on the Top Vegas Rankings, finishing the week with an impressive 38.14. Cirque du Soleil productions took the next two spots with The Beatles: Love in second place (19.65) and Ka taking third (8.67). Also doing well this week was Jay Leno (five, 8.14), Le Reve (seven, 4.37), a Cirque du Soleil-style show which takes place in a one million gallon aqua theater, and “Criss Angel: Believe” (eight, 2.78).

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales from the TicketNetwork ExchangeTM, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales from the given event and total ticket sales within the category. Since the sum of all events’ power scores equals 100 in any given category, an individual event’s Power Score represents its category-specific significance. Top Seller Power Scores should only be used to compare sellers within a particular category, and not across categories.

Top Combined Events

Week Ending 07/11/2010

1 Wicked Tickets

2 Lady Gaga Tickets4.77
3 Justin Bieber Tickets3.71
4 New York Yankees Tickets

5 Paul McCartney Tickets1.86
6 World Cup 2010 – Final: Netherlands Tickets1.85
7 Boston Red Sox Tickets

8 Lion King Tickets1.47
9 Jay-Z & Eminem Tickets1.39
10 Jersey Boys Tickets1.39

Top Concert Events

Week Ending 07/11/2010

1 Lady Gaga Tickets9.70
2 Justin Bieber Tickets

3 Paul McCartney Tickets3.86
4 Jay-Z & Eminem Tickets2.86
5 Rush Tickets2.79
6 Dave Matthews Band Tickets2.69
7 Michael Buble Tickets1.99
8 Bon Jovi & Kid Rock Tickets1.86
9 Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Tickets

10 Sting Tickets1.83

Top Sports Events

Week Ending 07/11/2010

1 New York Yankees Tickets

2 World Cup 2010 – Final: Netherlands Tickets5.85
3 Boston Red Sox Tickets4.73
4 2010 Miami Heat Season Tickets Package (Includes Tickets to All Regular Season Home Games) Tickets

5 Dallas Cowboys Tickets3.04
6 Minnesota Twins Tickets2.95
7 Colorado Rockies Tickets

8 Chicago Cubs Tickets2.23
9 MLB All Star Game Tickets1.64
10 Seattle Mariners Tickets


Top Theater Events

Week Ending 07/11/2010

1 Wicked Tickets39.15
2 Lion King Tickets8.74
3 Jersey Boys Tickets8.52
4 Billy Elliot Tickets5.78
5 Phantom of the Opera Tickets5.52
6 Mamma Mia! Tickets2.28
7 The Addams Family Tickets2.17
8 In The Heights Tickets1.67
9 Fences Tickets1.60
10 South Pacific Tickets1.41

Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 07/11/2010

1 Wicked Tickets36.78
2 Lion King Tickets

3 Jersey Boys Tickets9.36
4 Billy Elliot Tickets5.32
5 The Addams Family Tickets

6 Mamma Mia! Tickets4.10
7 Fences Tickets3.54
8 Chicago – The Musical Tickets

9 Phantom of the Opera Tickets2.56
10 Memphis – The Musical Tickets2.20

Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 07/11/2010

1 Cher Tickets38.14

Cirque du Soleil – The Beatles: Love Tickets

3 Cirque Du Soleil – Ka Tickets8.67
4 David Copperfield Tickets8.33
5 Jay Leno Tickets8.14
6 Jersey Boys Tickets6.70
7 Le Reve Tickets4.37
8 Criss Angel: Believe Tickets2.78
9 Mac King Comedy Magic Show Tickets1.25
10 Blue Man Group Tickets0.94