Jan Eglen, CEO of dynamic pricing company Digonex Technologies, recently appeared on Fox Business News where he discussed dynamic ticket pricing with anchor Connell McShane.

Digonex, which launched its Sports & Entertainment Analytical Ticketing System (SEATS) last year, is reportedly in discussions with several professional sports teams that are interested in using SEATS.

Like competitor Qcue, Digonex uses computer algorithms to crunch various factors that can help determine a sports ticket’s desirability, such as the weather, opponent, injury report or team standings, among other things. The data then helps teams set ticket prices on-the-fly, making pricing more fluid and enabling teams capture more revenue for hot games or sell slow-moving tickets at lower rates. See the video below.

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“We help the vendors find the correct, or the right, price at anytime in the product’s lifecycle,” Eglen said, adding later, “We find the right price every time.”