PRESS RELEASE: “Eventbrite Sets Social Discovery In Motion”
 San Francisco, Calif. (Eventbrite) September 23, 2010 — The best ways to find new events –...

PRESS RELEASE: “Eventbrite Sets Social Discovery In Motion”

San Francisco, Calif. (Eventbrite) September 23, 2010 — The best ways to find new events – from concerts or conferences to cooking classes and art shows – is to see what your friends are doing. Today, Eventbrite is excited to announce the launch of social event discovery, a completely novel way to discover events. This new engine ties together Eventbrite’s massive database of events with an individual’s personal social graph, creating a new “event graph” that connects people with the events that they are attending. 

“To date we’ve focused on helping event organizers by providing the tools to make it drop dead simple to publish, promote and sell out events. Now, we’re flipping the switch by creating a whole new way for anyone to find out about great events,” said Tamara Mendelsohn, director of marketing for Eventbrite. “By capturing which events your friends are attending and sharing, we can show you the most relevant, personalized and even surprising event recommendations.” 

To drive social event discovery, Eventbrite leverages the Facebook Connect APIs to enable Eventbrite users to share their upcoming events with their real world friends on Facebook. When users sign in to their Eventbrite account, they’re prompted to “Connect with Facebook.” Once they grant Eventbrite permission to access their Facebook data, Eventbrite uses their friend lists to recognize existing relationships between Eventbrite users. Through the Connect API, Eventbrite is able to layer the Facebook social graph on top of its own platform, enabling Eventbrite to show users the events that their friends and colleagues are attending. 

“Sharing events that you are excited about with your friends is not a new thing. Eventbrite just makes it easier to do so through our integration with social media platforms like Facebook,” added Mendelsohn. “This magical growth – the velocity, the importance, the access, the relevance – is all being pulled into your own personal social event recommendations on Eventbrite, driving event discovery and powering true social commerce.” 

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Eventbrite is the world’s largest, fastest growing event ticketing and social commerce company. Eventbrite empowers anyone to host successful live experiences of any type or size by providing an easy way to manage, promote and sell out the event. As the engine for a new generation of live experiences, Eventbrite brings together transactions with social interactions to allow events to live, flourish and gain momentum anywhere online. Eventbrite is privately held and backed by Sequoia Capital. For more information, go to 

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