PRESS RELEASE: “Luminar Embraces Fatsoma’s Social Ticketing Website” London, ENG (Luminar Leisure) October 4, 2010 – Luminar Leisure, the UK’s largest nightclub operator is...

PRESS RELEASE: “Luminar Embraces Fatsoma’s Social Ticketing Website”

London, ENG (Luminar Leisure) October 4, 2010 – Luminar Leisure, the UK’s largest nightclub operator is trialling the UK’s leading self service ticket listing platform ‘’ to drive footfall into its network of 78 clubs.

The Fatsoma site (, will sell tickets for Luminar events such as artist tours, ‘Fuzzy Logic’ student nights and Ministry of Sound branded nights using its unique social ticketing proposition. Tickets will be sold through a network of online reps that Fatsoma and Luminar recruit to act as sub-promoters to push events to their friends through ticketnews-on-facebook and other channels for a commission.

Mark Noonan, Marketing & Ecommerce Director at Luminar Leisure says ‘Social media plays a major role within the lives of our key customer demographic of 18 -24 year olds, the Fatsoma platform will allow us to promote our live events and branded nights to wider audience through a medium and language they understand’.

Paul Stacey, Director at Fatsoma says ‘It is impressive that such a large leisure company as Luminar is embracing social promotion in forward thinking and innovative ways. They truly understand the benefits of engaging customers at a local level’.

About Luminar Leisure

Luminar trades 78 of the largest nightclubs in the UK, The venues are divided into various brands, of which the main ones are Oceana, Liquid and Lava & Ignite.

Oceana, Liquid and Lava & Ignite all feature state-of-the art lighting, sound & laser technology and stunning 360-degree graphics for the ultimate clubbing experience.

In addition to the main branded formats, Luminar also operates 32 venues that do not fit within a branded template, these venues appeal to a different niche market or because they have a smaller capacity than would be a typical branded nightclub – example of these include the Jam House in Birmingham, the Sugar Mill in Hull and Batchwood Hall in St Albans.

Over 15 million people visit a Luminar nightclub every year.

Oceana and Liquid is a trading name of Luminar Group Holdings plc Incorporated in England and Wales registered no 062390234

About Fatsoma Ltd

Fatsoma is the UK’s leading self-service ticket-listing platform, allowing promoters, venue owners, festival organisers and artists to instantly create an event and sell tickets online.

In addition to the range of promotional features on offer, Fatsoma specialises in social and viral ticketing solutions, enabling promoters to mobilise their fans and push events and ticket sales through their social networks.

Established in Manchester in 2006 to meet the needs of independent promoters using the new social networking phenomenon, Fatsoma is now being utilised by some of the largest promoters and venues in the UK and is rapidly growing towards an international market. Today there are over 12,000 active reps pushing 5,200 events through the front-facing portal.


Luminar PR:
Stephen Lynn +44 (0) 1908 544 100

Fatsoma PR:
Ray Boggiano +44 (0) 844 358 8677

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