Media mogul Barry Diller, whose tenure on the board had turned rocky late last year, has resigned from the Board of Directors of Live Nation Entertainment.

The company announced the departure today, January 28, in a financial filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. No further details were disclosed, but the move was effective as of January 24.

Diller had resigned as board chairman during the fall, following reported spats with Liberty Media’s John Malone, a board member who later became interim Live Nation’s interim chairman, and others over the direction of the company. Malone and Diller reportedly have long been business rivals.

Following his resignation as chairman, Diller vowed to stay on the board, but he began selling his shares in Live Nation to Liberty Media, which led to speculation of his eventual departure.

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While Diller’s departure will likely have little to no effect on Live Nation’s standing, the move is just the latest in a string of challenges the company has faced in recent months, including its admission of having to lower its earnings estimate for 2010 due in large part to the settlement of a class action lawsuit over its delivery fees.