John Leguizamo returned to the Broadway stage last night, March 22, for the opening of his new solo show, “Ghetto Klown.” The limited engagement...

John Leguizamo returned to the Broadway stage last night, March 22, for the opening of his new solo show, “Ghetto Klown.” The limited engagement recently extended its run at the Lyceum Theatre through July 10.

For fans of Leguizamo’s earlier works, the territory covered here will be familiar. “Ghetto Klown” touches on his family’s roots in Colombia and Queens, the delinquent tendencies of the actor’s youth, and his eventual successes (and failures) in Hollywood. The narrative is strung together by some A-list name-dropping, and Leguizamo’s plentiful and skillful impressions.

Fisher Stevens directs the latest autobiographical offering from the 46-year-old actor, whose previous theatrical efforts include the solo shows “Freak” and “Sexaholix.” With a set by Happy Massee and projections by Aaron Gonzalez, “Ghetto Klown” lands on Broadway after showcases in various North American cities from Berkeley to Toronto.

Previews began February 21 at the 922-seat playhouse. Ticket prices range from $29.50 up to $116.50, and premium seats are available for $176.5 and $226.50. With audiences between 79 and 88 percent capacity over the past four weeks, “Ghetto Klown” has already grossed $1,348,071, based on the Broadway League’s reports.

Currently, performances are at 7 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and at 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. The production’s sole matinee is Sunday at 3 p.m. After May 15, the schedule shifts to Monday and Tuesday at 7 p.m., and Wednesday through Saturday at 8 p.m., with no matinees.

The Lyceum Theatre is located at 149 West 45th Street in New York, NY. “Ghetto Klown” runs about two hours and 15 minutes with an intermission. Scheduling and ticketing details are available on the production’s official Web site.

Opening Night: “Ghetto Klown”

Publication Critic Review
Variety Marilyn Stasio “Entertaining…but nonetheless too long, too defensive and too familiar.”
New York Times Charles Isherwood “‘Ghetto Klown’ continues to lose altitude throughout much of the second act, as we begin to feel that we are simply attending a narrated slide presentation of his professional highlights and personal pratfalls.”
TheaterMania Dan Bacalzo “Leguizamo’s virtuosic storytelling ability…can be laugh out loud funny one moment, and then switch gears to be profoundly touching in the next breath.”
Hollywood Reporter David Rooney “He talks about the pain in his soul; he just doesn’t show it.”
New York Post Elisabeth Vincentelli “He’s such a nimble mimic that when he renders a multiperson conversation, it’s like watching basketball players engage in lightning-quick passing.”
New York Daily News Joe Dziemianowicz “Leguizamo’s new play throbs with big laughs and deep poignancy… But it becomes clear that there’s a limit to how many times you can go to the same well.”