PRESS RELEASE: “Dooley Management Company Selects Enta Ticketing Solutions” Baton Rouge, LA (Enta Ticketing Solutions) May 6, 2011 – Enta USA, LLC, announces the...

PRESS RELEASE: “Dooley Management Company Selects Enta Ticketing Solutions”

Baton Rouge, LA (Enta Ticketing Solutions) May 6, 2011 – Enta USA, LLC, announces the implementation of the Enta Ticketing Solution for the Dooley Management Company. “We are thrilled that the Dooley Management Company chose Enta Ticketing Solutions as their new box office management system”, said George Newton, Executive Vice President at Enta USA.

Dooley Management Company considered several leading ticketing systems before choosing Enta as the best overall ticketing and marketing solution. “We manage many diverse venues that can each benefit from the broad spectrum of ticketing options offered by the Enta Ticketing Solution,” says Michael R. Dooley, CFE, President Dooley Management Company. “Enta’s services allow us to be our own ticket manager and operate our ticketing, in-house, the way we feel is best for our customers, while giving us absolute confidence we get everything done right.”

Enta’s advanced database profiling allows for each of Dooley’s different venues to set-up their own selling preferences. Enta understands not all venues and/or users on a single system need the same degree of power. Enta allows Dooley to determine how best to run each venue individually and also restricts employee access to functionality, data, and settings based on relevance to their job within the company.

“We researched numerous ticketing companies, looking for a ticket partner that gave us reporting capabilities, on both the front and back end of the house that met our demands, Enta provided us that capability,” says Dooley’s Vice-President of Marketing and Promotions, Tammy Dooley. With hundreds of reporting options, Enta provides Dooley with an extensive suite of standard financial and management reports, in addition to numerous customizable reports that specifically fit each of Dooley’s distinctive venues.

From sales reports to demographical analysis, Enta’s web based reporting allows reports to be pulled from anywhere, anytime.

Dooley Management Company selected the Enta Ticketing Solution because Enta provided them a single platform system that could be distributed to Dooley’s three distinctive venues. “Dooley manages arenas and theatres located in Texas and needed a dynamic system with rich functionality that allowed for customization for each of their venues,” says Enta’s Newton. “With Enta’s advanced database profiling and reporting functionality, Enta provided Dooley with the best fit.”

About Enta Ticketing Solution

Enta USA, LLC is a privately owned US-based company that is a world leader in providing ticketing solutions and services to theatres and performing arts centers, colleges and universities, arenas, stadiums, museums, and festivals in North America. Serving over 540 venues worldwide, Enta has been proven in the demanding UK theatre market, United States university market, Premier League soccer stadiums, as well as other major events and venues in the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Australia. Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Enta USA provides sales, service, and support for point of sale and ticketing systems throughout North America.

For more information on the Enta Ticketing Solution, visit or call (225) 215-2470.

About Dooley Management Company

Dooley Management Company, DMC, provides venue management, consulting, analysis, promotion, event booking & planning solutions to expos, arenas, amphitheaters, convention centers and outdoor venues. Since 1993, DMC is proud to have efficiently managed and promoted over 3000 events, including equestrian, livestock, conventions, exhibits, dog shows, circuses, wedding receptions, concerts and more!

Enta USA Contact:
George “Buddy” Newton
(225) 215-2470